Know yourself

Understand you weaknesses, strengths, beliefs and values.  You will never enjoy your life by letting other people call the shots for you.  You make your life happen.  You need to be confident in how to respond to challenges without compromising yourself.  Be the person that you want to be, not the person others think you are.  If it doesn’t feel right, say so, then make it right.

  Authenticity and Integrity

Develop a thick skin and inner strength

It’s imperative you learn from rejection and constructive criticism you receive.  Use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Nothing is achieved by berating yourself, other than being paralyzed.  Get up when you fall face down.  Be brave, be bold and be gutsy.  Set aside time to reflect, check in and recharge.  Fatigue and a poor attitude can make cowards of us all.

   Awesome and Rock Solid

Believe you are good enough. No one is better than you

Stop comparing yourself.  No-one is like you.  You are not your past and you can create any future you desire.  You hold your own power and can make it happen.  You have incredible strengths and have overcome astonishing challenges.  Show up and let it rip.  Never stop believing.  Be the very best version of you.

Intentional and Amazing

Challenge yourself

Surround yourself with people who make you think.  Those who inspire, enliven, and build you up.  Don’t listen to the fearful.  You know who they are.   Let go of the anchors and baggage.  It only clutters the mind and impedes desire.  Travel for inspiration.   Expose yourself to new ideas.  Step outside your comfort zone every day.

Disruptive and Free

Know that at any moment in time, you can change your attitude

No matter your past failures or triumphs, you can have a positive mindset any time you choose.   Take control of what is happening in your life.  Focus on the priorities.  See the possibilities and move towards them.  Lean into the fear.  Know you will always be able to get back up.

Clarity and Focus

Nourish your body and your soul

It is a temple that will allow you to make your dreams come true.  Invest in you.  Move, stretch, sweat and nurture.  Choose the feelings that you desire to feel, the ones that make you radiant.  Live for what you want, love and desire.  Time is precious.  Spend it doing things that set your soul on fire.

Abundance and Joy-Filled

Above all else, love yourself with all the passion in the world

You will never receive the love you desire if you do not love yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Love yourself unconditionally.  You are worthy.  Be the best version of you at all times.   Laugh out loud.  Live in the moment.  Be present for you and your loved ones.  Smile often.

Self Love