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Ten ways to quieten your mind and focus when the Drama Queen wants to takeover

Photo Credit - Death to Stock

Photo Credit – Death to Stock

I recently needed to do a few of these.  My dog was bitten by a red-bellied black snake.  My mind was out of control with thoughts of her dying.  All the drama and ensuing guilt of the stories I was making up in my head.   I couldn’t think straight.  I needed to stop and focus on making decisions.  I needed to stop and let go of the drama and focus on what could be done in ‘the moment’.  That is the most important point.  I needed to want to stop the drama.  I needed to put the actions into practice.

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The Gentle Art of Self-Care

StillnessSustaining a busy life is not always in our best interests, physically or emotionally.  Feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety should not be considered normal.  Issues with insomnia, headaches, and constant fatigue should trigger something is not right.  It doesn’t fix the problem to take a pill and keep going.  I know you feel you can’t fit in everything.  But it is at those exact moments when you should be slowing down and taking a look at how you can care for yourself.  We all need to ‘switch off’ and have ‘me time’ every once in a while.

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