Ten ways to quieten your mind and focus when the Drama Queen wants to takeover

Photo Credit - Death to Stock

Photo Credit – Death to Stock

I recently needed to do a few of these.  My dog was bitten by a red-bellied black snake.  My mind was out of control with thoughts of her dying.  All the drama and ensuing guilt of the stories I was making up in my head.   I couldn’t think straight.  I needed to stop and focus on making decisions.  I needed to stop and let go of the drama and focus on what could be done in ‘the moment’.  That is the most important point.  I needed to want to stop the drama.  I needed to put the actions into practice.

  1. Hug a tree………like really hug it.  I know what you are thinking, but try it.  Just wrap your arms around the trunk, try to get one you struggle to get your arms all the way around.  If you are too self-conscious, just lean up against the tree.  Just stand there and contemplate the root system underneath you, holding up this amazingly strong, steady life force.  Feel the strength and power of the tree.  Focus on the breath and let it calm your mind.
  2. Walk away from the noise.  Just get away from it.  Even if means wandering the corridors aimlessly at work.  Go for a quick walk around the grounds of your work.  Go outside for lunch or dinner by yourself.  You don’t need to eat all the time with your workmates.    Get away, and try not to take the phone.  You don’t need to clutter your head with mindless scrolling through Facebook.
  3. Lie on the ground and feel the energy.  If you can’t feel the energy, imagine a low deep hum.  Just let it flow through your mind and into your body.  You are connecting with nature.  You are doing it.
  4. Stare at a candle for 5 minutes and keep your attention focused on the candle.  Nothing else.  Say to yourself over and over again.  I am relaxed.  I am relaxed.  I am relaxed.
  5. Put your hand over your heart and just breathe into your heart.  Imagine the air flowing in and out of your heart.  Just for 2 minutes.  Everyone can do that.
  6. Rub coconut oil into your feet.  Really rub it in.  Take notice of the feeling as you push down into the arch of your foot.  In between your toes.  The relief it gives.  Just focus on the feelings of relaxing your feet.
  7. Five minutes of focusing on breathing.  Feel the coolness of the air as it passes the tip of your nose then the heat as it leaves your nose.  If your mind wanders, just bring it back to the tip of your nose.  Just breathe and feel the sensation.
  8. Go for a walk and listen to a meditation.  There are plenty available on YouTube, Spotify, downloadable apps.  I just did a quick search on Google, and it came up with over one million results.  You only have to do a 10 minute one, 20 minutes if you have the time to spare.
  9. Be alone.  On the beach.  Dig your feet into the sand.  Go into the salt water and just be.  Just sit there and let the water surround you.  If you are not near a beach, lie in a bath.  Let the water surround you.  Don’t have any distractions.  Don’t have the wine.  Just have a candle.  Feel the water move as you breathe in and out.
  10. Draw or colour in.  Parents and teachers have been using this activity for eons to get kids to settle down.  It can be mindless but also calming.  It is all in the repetitive action.  There is a plethora of colouring in books out there, and they are cheap.    I love to free hand draw mandalas.  Just black pen and repetitive shapes.

These are just some quick fixes that can be utilised to stop the chaos going on in your head, even if it is ensuing around you.  The most important aspect is you have to make them happen.  You have to be committed.  You have to want to stop and take notice.  No amount of wishing or hoping is ever going to stop the chatter if you want to engage fully in the drama.  Try to focus on doing one for a few weeks and then trying another.  Practice them before you need them will make them easier to implement when you realise you are in the middle of the drama.  Good luck with slowing down and let me know if you have any other ideas that work to quieten your mind.


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